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Messy Church

Our desire is to see the family UNITED.

When families attend church if they are constantly ripped this way and that it throws an amazing opportunity away for the family to be a unit.  For this reason we have children in the worship service with their parents.  And we are starting something called Messy Church.

Messey Church is for all ages to come together and get to learn on a child's level.  If you don't know anything about Church, God, the Bible this is an amazing place to start.  You won't be called on to teach, preach, pray in-front of a crowd.  We invite you to come and learn with your kids.  Dinner, crafts, games, and fun as a family that you don't have to plan, shop, organize, or clean up after.  We want to serve the families of Sumter at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

The FIRST Thursday of the Month will be Dinner, Crafts, Games and a Lessons

from 6-9PM.

The SECOND Thursday of the month we will send you home with something fun to do as a family.  Again, you don't have to plan, shop, or anything.  We want to provide you with an opportunity to bond as a family.

The THIRD Thursday of the Month we will meet back up at the Church for a family move that ties into what the lesson was.  

The FOURTH Thursday we hope you will do another family activity at home that we will provide.


What is messy church?

About Messy Church USA - Messy Church USA


What kind of food will be served?

The month of October will be baked potato bar, and hotdogs.  We will announce each meal the month before so that families can plane for food allergies and preferences. 


What can I expect from coming?

You can expect to be welcomed in a church that is simply looking to love on their community.  We will have a lesson, meal, music, and fun activities for the family.  The order will be mixed up each week. 


How much does it cost?

It is free.  We want to let you know that God loves you.  We want you to feel free to come and learn who He is.


October 5 - The Lords Prayer

October 26 - Movie "Lilo and Stitch"

November 2 - A Messy Thanksgiving

November 16 - Movie "Pocahontas"

December 7 - A Messy Christmas around the World

January 4 - A New Beginning

February 1 - Called to make a difference

March  7 - A Lent Escape Room

April 4 - Easter

May 2 - Do, Love, Walk

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